I don't understand how fortunate we earthlings are to have your presence amongst us. I never thought I'll have to acknowledge this. 
SInce, it's your birthday, I thought I'll be kind to you and admit that you're a trueborn Arabian Princess. 

It's Your Day and I hope you had the best of vibes the entire day. Happy Birthday, girl!

La familia

It's your support system and it's the cutest!




Yes. I made a website. Though you may not have an immediate use for this website, I am sure I had to purchase the domain. One day when you become a brand on your own (I'm talking about a brand like "Lionel Messi"), I could sell this site to you and make millions :P 

Any way, I wanted to do something for you that's gonna last post your birthday. So, I had decided that for the next 50 days, you'll have some surprise waiting for you on this website. You hold the keys to those surprises in your hands (if the jar is in your hand). You'll be reminded of how special you are to everyone. 

Also, don't worry about privacy. Only you can see what is on this website. Nobody else will see this(unless of course you decide to share the link). Perks of being a digital marketer, you see :P

I hope you had a wonderful day and I know you'll get everything you want in life.



You made a lot of people happy with your dose of positive vibes. What started out as a hobby became a part of you that everyone loved.

It's simple. Good content - Lovable Personality. Nothing more. Nothing less